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LL-SI Model

Based on a late version of the original classic vehicle manufactured between 1948 and 1958. A basic utility vehicle with generally flat panels and simple lines making building easy, just like the real thing. 

Low side panels make easier access into the vehicle for younger drivers and passengers.


LL-S2 Model

A development of the S1 model, based on a vehicle manufactured from 1958 to 1971. More refined shape than the original S1 with the introduction of curved side panels and corners, and a lower sill panel below the doors. 

Similar in construction to the S1 but with a slightly taller rear body better suited to drivers with slightly longer legs.


LL-S3 Model

A further refinement of the S2 model, based on the later vehicles manufactured between 1971 and 1983/4. 

Externally, similar in styling to the earlier S2 vehicle, but headlights are now located within the wings rather than within the radiator panel. Inside the cockpit, the dashboard now has a more ‘user friendly’ instrument position.


LL-LW Model

Borne out of a need to transport military vehicles by air, a stripped down version was developed and has become a favourite with ex-military enthusiasts. 

With its boxy, square corners and flat panels this model recreates one of the most recognisable light military vehicles and is perhaps the simplest body style to build.


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